Disruptor coming from the root word Disrupt which is defined as to interrupt an event, activity or a process. Our company, Disruptor Sdn. Bhd. was conceptualized to positively disrupt y day to day activities by challenging status quo. Disruptive innovations is a modern term buzz word which alters the way businesses or an entire industry operates.


With this goal in mind, the brains behind our organization generate ideas to enhance our lives by bringing new products in the form of mobile applications incorporating industry 4.0 and artificial intelligence (AI).

We aim to commercialize idea that are generated in-house as well as ideas from our associates into real world products by leveraging on our experience and network gathered from years of working in corporate environment. We are currently working


We are excited to launch PakGuard, our first products in the form of mobile application is reaching the shores very soon. Many other products are in various stages of development and will be introduced to the market timely.


Stay in touch with us to experience Positive Disruption in your lives.